Are Employees Being Given the Best Tools to Succeed?

by Bridget Robinson

business proposals Posted on April 28, 2017

business proposals

It is no secret that the most important asset within a company is its people. Employees are the heart of any company – they determine the level of passion, quality, and expertise for the products and services being offered. Since a company is only as good as its people, it is important for organizations to give their employees the proper tools to succeed. But, where is the best place to start? Investing in employees’ learning and development.

Importance of Learning & Development

Learning and Development (L&D) in the workplace increases employee industry knowledge, expands their skill sets and stimulates growth for both the employees and the business. Employees perform better when they feel they are supported and when their company invests in their training and professional development. 7 out of 10 employees surveyed in 2015 by CED Magazine said that job-related training and development opportunities directly influence in their decision to stay with a company.

L&D used to be viewed as a cost, almost a necessary evil. However, over time it has become an area of strategic value. In a research study conducted by the Middlesex University for Work Based Learning it was found that out of 4,300 workers surveyed, 74% felt that they weren't achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities and training. Here are some ways to begin improving how your business delivers training, courses, safety information and knowledge sharing:

Embrace Technology

70% of employees say corporate technology and training tools fall short when compared to personal technology (Source: CED Magazine). In today’s fast paced, digital world companies need to utilize and leverage the tools that technology provides. Being able to create useful, detailed and easy to read training and professional development documents in a fast and efficient way is critical. Documentation tools such as FS Pro 2020 that plug into programs such as Microsoft Word help to map information in a logical, easily digestible way so employees are able to find the information they need quickly.

Make Resources Available Online On Any Device

Gone are the days of being chained to your desk! The modern employee is on the go, works remotely and depends on their mobile devices on a daily basis. Training and educational materials must be made available to employees online and on all devices: laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This allows for employees to learn anywhere, anytime. According to an article by Sandra Pollock, 25% of training hours were completed online last year! And, trust us – that number will continue to grow!

Ensure Knowledge Is Captured & Transferred Correctly

Knowledge is power. The more informed and educated an employee is, the more effective and satisfied they will be with their job. In a 2015 ATD research study, a staggering 38% of managers believed that their learning programs and manuals met their employee’s needs. So how can companies convey critical information and trade knowledge? It is important to highlight that each person absorbs and digests information differently. In 1965, Robert Horn, a researcher at Harvard and Columbia Universities initiated a study into the ways in which people learn and how to affectively analyze, organize and present information to improve learning. The findings were clear, the elements that allowed workers to learn the best included:

  • Consistent layouts, formatting and language
  • Chunking information into small, manageable pieces (each chunk on 1 single topic or idea)
  • Breaking information out from a “wall of words” to more visually appealing, tables, charts and graphics
  • Clearly labeling all content

Click here to read more about Robert Horn and the Information Mapping® Method.

Be Agile

Policies and procedures are constantly changing. Companies need to be prepared to update their documents to reflect these changes and be ready to swiftly and effectively educate their workers on them. This can be a costly endeavor if the right tools are not used to create, edit and deliver these documents. Worker training and development is an ongoing operation, not a one-time event.

Account for Employee Turnover

A report by PwC revealed that as many as 1 in 3 people leave their organization within the first year, either voluntarily or involuntarily. In any business, there is always turnover. Companies must be equipped and ready to account for employee turnover. Knowledge sharing is key in order to keep your business running smoothly. It is important for the information to be able to be documented and updated seamlessly so that future employees will have the best and most reliable information available after a past employee departs.

Bridging the Gap

By now, you can see that offering training, learning and development opportunities for employees is a competitive advantage and adds strategic value to all organizations. The most important benefit? Companies get proficient, knowledgeable and passionate employees who are completely invested in a company that invests in them.

You have the talented employees, let us help you give them the tools to succeed. With the FS Pro 2020 add-in for Microsoft Word you can easily:

  • analyze, organize and present your information in the most effective way for learners to absorb,
  • publish your training manuals and learning materials online,
  • reduce costs - create and edit and update your documents quickly within MS Word,
  • increase revenue - motivated, educated workers increase ROI, and
  • reduce risk - less errors, increased safety for all.

Remember, the total loss to a business from ineffective training can be devastating. Start investing in your companies L&D programs today. Learn more about Information Mapping and FS Pro 2020 here or download our whitepaper to get additional information on the costs of bad information.